"An Argentinean Vegan?"...

It sounds like a CONTRADICTION Right?

but if I can do it so can you!

Join me in discovering the power of Plant-Based Nutrition

As a Doctor and Plant Based Health Coach I will
support your health transformation with:
  • Nutritional Education
  • Cooking classes
  • Support Therapy 
  • Exercise programs


  • Lose those extra pounds that you have been trying to lose with so many different diets.
  • Lower your Cholesterol and your high blood pressure.
  • Control your Diabetes.
  • Reduce your risk of heart disease and certain cancers.
  • Get ride of your bloating.
  • Reduce your allergies.
  • Improve your energy levels
  • Sleep better
Individual & Group Health Coaching
(Online and Face to Face)
One on one program :  $199 per month
3 Month Bundle : $557 ($40 Discount)
6 Month Bundle :  $1134 ($60 Discount)
Follow-up program :  $30 per month
The program consist of:
  1. 2 consultations a month (at my office or through video chat)
  2. Unlimited access to delicious recipes.
  3. Personalized exercise program.
  4. Daily follow up of your physical activity and meals through a phone app.
All my sessions will have unlimited emailing support and will follow up your meals through an app to discuss your food choices. 

Live in New York City? 

Consultations at my office or video calls

Live elsewhere in the world?

Video call Consultations


I am a self-taught home cook who loves food, healthy cooking, juicing and blending. I don’t cook fancy gourmet meals, but rather easy, delicious and real food.

I particularly enjoy guiding people with food sensitivities by finding great alternatives so they’ll never feel deprived.

Introduce your child to a healthy way of eating.   

Did you know that hardening of the arteries begins in childhood,
making heart disease a pediatric health issue?
SIGN UP to Download  the Quick Start Guide to a Healthier Lifestyle

With this guide, you can start doing some small changes that will make you a healthier person in the long run.  

Are you planning to get pregnant soon or want your child to have a healthier diet?

Download this FREE Guide to start a healthy Diet for you and your child


Select your weight and height and find out your BMI.. 


If you are below or above the green area you need to work with me!



Tel: 646-427-2584

305 E 119thst. suite B NY NY 10035

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Tel: 646-427-2584

305 E 119th st. suite B NY NY 10035

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